To Read

1.       Louisa May Alcott:  Civil War Hospital Sketches

2.       Anonymous:  Arabian Nights

3.       Robert Asprin & Linda Evans:  For King and Country

4.       Jane Austen:  Mansfield Park

5.       Jane Austen:  Northanger Abbey

6.       Jane Austen:  Persuasion

7.       Jane Austen:  Sense and Sensibility

8.       Glenn Beck:  Broke

9.   Charlotte Bronté:  Jane Eyre

10.   George W. Bush:  Decision Points

11.   Gilles Deleuze:  Anti-Oedipus:  Capitalism and Schizophrenia

12.   David Eddings:  The Belgariad

13.   Friedrich Engels:  The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State

14.   Stephen Frey:  The Legacy

15.   Karl Marx:  Capital Volume II

16.   Karl Marx:  Capital Volume III

17.   Karl Marx:  Early Writings

18.   Margaret Mitchell:  Gone With the Wind

19.   Dambisa Moyo:  How the West Was Lost

20.   Patrick O’Brian:  Master and Commander

21.   Bill O’Reilly:  Pinheads and Patriots

22.   Ayn Rand:  Atlas Shrugged

23.   Robert J. Sawyer:  Illegal Alien

24.   William Shirer:  The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

25.   Adam Smith:  The Wealth of Nations

26.   Max Weber:  The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism:  and Other Writings


3 Responses to “To Read”

  1. I love those Jane Austen picks! I used to not ‘get’ what so many saw in Austen. Then I read her biography.

    Last night, I started reading Sense and Sensibility because I was interested (rather than because I thought I should.) I had to make myself put it down (because I’ll never finish anything, if I read everything that tempts me.) 😉

    Some great picks on here.


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