Bleak House Fridays – Week Ten

This week, for the Bleak House read-along hosted by Wallace at Unputdownables, I read until Chapter LI. With this week’s reading I couldn’t believe I read about two deaths and one birth.  Seems like a very interesting combination to me.

The first thing I wanted to discuss with this week’s reading is my favorite whipping boy Richard.  What occurred with this week’s reading has firmly entrenched my belief that Richard will be nothing more than a disgrace of a human being that won’t fulfill any potential whatsoever.  This week, he decided to resign his commission in the Royal army to pursue his interest in Jarndyce v Jarndyce full-time to ensure he gets his fair share of the “inheritance.”  He’s firmly in debt to his lawyer, Vholes, and probably to many others, and what’s worse than that, he’s become more than obsessed with the Jarndyce v Jarndyce case.  I can firmly see now, more than at any point in time in the book, that Richard is complete and total failure.  I have no idea what will become of him, but I’m convinced that it’s nothing good.  Add that to the fact that he isn’t serious about improving himself, I truly believe that Richard is one of the most despicable characters for me ever.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Lady Dedlock, whom I was quite impressed with in her dealings with Mr. Tulkinghorn.  She finally found the courage within herself to stand up to him.  She granted Rosa’s wish to be happy and finally grant her permission to leave and get married to her love.  This course of action, of course, angered Mr. Tulkinghorn because he wanted everything to remain the status quo.  He indicated as such to Lady Dedlock and informed her that he felt their agreement had been broken and he would inform Sir Dedlock of her past actions.

What happened next surprised me.  As I mentioned in my post last week, I referred to two quotes in chapters 42 and 43 which I felt indicated that Mr. Tulkinghorn wouldn’t be with us for very much longer.  I wasn’t expecting his departure immediately in the next chapters for this week.  The big question for me is “Who did it?”  I have a feeling that a good portion of the remainder of the book will be dedicated to finding out.

I also hope, along with discovering who Mr. Tulkinghorn’s killer is if we’ll discover the resolution to the Jarndyce v Jarndyce case.  One thing’s for sure, in these latter stages of the book are having me become a fan of Dickens, especially with Bleak House, and I never thought I’d ever hear myself say that!


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