My Thoughts On Kat Richardson’s Greywalker

Last week, I completed my reading of Kat Richardson’s Greywalker.  Greywalker was chosen by my sister as her selection for the reading group my brother, sister, and I have formed.  I ended up checking out a paperback version of the book from our local library, and here’s a quick summary of what the book is about:

Harper Blaine was slogging along as a small-time PI when a two-bit perp’s savage assault left her dead.

For two minutes, to be precise.

When Harper comes to in the hospital, she begins to feel a bit…strange.  She sees things that can only be described as weird-shapes emerging from a foggy grey mist, snarling teeth, creatures roaring.

But Harper’s not crazy.  Her “death” has made her a Greywalker-able to move between our world and the mysterious crossover zone where things that go bump in the night exist.  And her new gift (or curse) is about to drag her into that world of  vampires and ghosts, magic and witches, necromancers and sinister artifacts…

Whether she likes it or not.

Let’s just say, that after reading what the book was about, I had some grave reservations about this book.  Especially at the mention of vampires, necromancers, etc.  I typically don’t read books of this genre, and I made a post about it last year, which, if you haven’t seen, take a look at it here.

After getting through the first 50 pages or so of Greywalker, I knew this book wasn’t particularly for me.  The writing style, nor the story, really appealed to me very much.  I also really didn’t like Harper Blaine.  Now granted, if I was in her shoes, I probably would’ve felt the same way about all these paranormal type of things that she was experiencing.  And if this book was simply about paranormal activity, I might’ve liked it a bit more, but it wasn’t.  The minute that vampires were introduced, and how some of them had regular jobs, the book immediately took a turn for the worse.

While there was some development of Harper’s character, I feel I really didn’t get a chance to learn more about her.  She also just seemed to be going along with things, even though she clearly didn’t want to accept what was happening with her.  I kept on wanting to see a not-so-happy ending to this story, but then, as I was getting closer to the end of the book, I decided to visit Amazon’s website and I saw there were quite a few more books in the series after Greywalker.

I was definitely ready for the book to be done, the story didn’t appeal to me, nor did any of the characters.  I also came to discover from reading Greywalker, that this genre of fantasy wasn’t overly appealing to me, and I don’t foresee myself reading too many other books from this particular genre of fantasy.  With that being said, I’m glad that I was exposed to a book and genre that my sister clearly enjoys, and it gives me additional insight into the types of books that she wants to read.

I clearly didn’t enjoy this book as much as her previous choice, Sharpe’s Tiger, but I am looking forward to her next choice, and I certainly hope that I’ll enjoy it more!


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