Bleak House Fridays – Week Six

This week, for the Bleak House read-along hosted by Wallace at Unputdownables, I read until Chapter XXX.  I found this week’s reading to be particularly interesting because it seemed like finally things were starting to become a bit more clear, and there were a couple of a-ha moments.

To begin with, I’m really starting to see Mr. Tulkinghorn for what he is.  He seems to be a bit underhanded and somewhat shady.  He seems awfully interested in what happened with a Captain Hawdon, whom we find out is really the recently passed away Nemo.  It seems Mr. Tulkinghorn has this story that Captain Hawdon owed him some money and was wanting to compare some writing.  Mr. George was a bit suspicious about the request and declined to assist Mr. Tulkinghorn.  I was really quite taken aback by Mr. Tulkinghorn’s reaction.  There’s definitely something there that’s more than meets the eye, and I’m looking forward to discovering exactly what that outcome is.

I was also quite disgusted with Mrs. Snagsby.  She became awfully suspicious about her husband concerning Jo.  She’s convinced that Jo is Mr. Snagsby’s son, even though there seems to be very little evidence to conclusively prove such an accusation.  She’s bound and determined to keep an extra eye on her husband, especially after she observes Mr. Snagsby giving Jo a guinea as he departs.

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up what has become my favorite whipping boy these past few weeks, and that deals with Richard.  I was very pleased to see that Mr. Jarndyce has come down quite hard on Richard.  Mr. Jarndyce put his foot down with Richard’s latest career choice, being in the army.  He implores both Richard and Ada to break off their engagement since Richard’s on his way to Ireland.  You can tell just how disgusted Richard is with this prospect, and you can clearly see that a rift is beginning to form between Ricahrd, Ada, and Mr. Jarndyce.  I foresee nothing but trouble there.  Plus, Mr. Jarndyce came down pretty hard on Richard, especially with his debt and how he expected the settlement of the Jarndyce v Jarndyce case would allow Richard to pay off his debts and allow him to live a life of ease.  Mr. Jarndyce finally established the expectation that Richard shouldn’t count on it, and that practically anything else was better than getting involved with the Jarndyce v Jarndyce case.

Finally, I think the biggest surprise for me was discovering that Esther is Lady Dedlock’s long-lost daughter.  I’m quite curious how this news will change Lady Dedlock’s behavior and demeanor for the rest of the story.  Now that these events have occurred in Bleak House, I’m really starting to get invested in the novel and I’m feeling more toward the love part of my love-hate relationship with Dickens.  Plus, with this week, I’m half-way through with the book!  Hopefully my enthusiasm will continue for the remaining 50% of the book!


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