My Thoughts On David Eddings’s The Belgariad Volume I

Last week, I completed my reading of David Eddings’s The Belgariad Volume I.  As I’ve mentioned previously, this book contained the first three books of the series, Pawn of ProphecyQueen of Sorcery, and Magician’s Gambit.  I’ve already discussed my thoughts on Pawn of Prophecy, and you can read those thoughts in my post here.  In this post, I’ll be taking a very brief look at books two and three, Queen of Sorcery and Magician’s Gambit.

As I mentioned in my post on book one, I found that I was still scratching my head as to where these characters were ultimately going and their goal.  I still didn’t have an idea as to what this orb was, or who they were exactly chasing, and, of course, more importantly, why.  I definitely found the answers to those questions in both Queen of Sorcery and Magician’s Gambit.  In both of these books, I continued to follow the journey of Garion and his mates in their quest to retrieve the orb before it can get in the hands of the baddies.

In both Queen of Sorcery and Magician’s Gambit, Garion, Aunt Pol, and Old Wolf, meet new friends, enemies, and have a grand ole time trying to find their way to whomever captured the orb, apparently, an old colleague of Wolf’s, before it’s too late.  I definitely found Queen of Sorcery to be the best book out of the three that was included in this volume.  I discovered that the story became much more developed, and I came to like the characters more, especially Mallorean, a noble knight.  I also thought the story, similar in Pawn of Prophecy read very quickly.

In Magician’s Gambit, we find the crew getting closer to discovering the actual location of the orb.  As I was nearing the completion of Queen of Sorcery, I felt the book’s pace had slowed down a bit, and I felt there was some carryover into Magician’s Gambit.  I didn’t enjoy Magician’s Gambit as much as Queen of Prophecy, but there were some very important details to the plot that was revealed, and I feel that now I have a larger grasp as to what is really going on and how things may end up toward the end of the series.  I certainly hope, in Volume II, the pace picks up a bit, and I am able to get as good of a story as I did in Queen of Propechy.  Reading this first volume has certainly made me curious for more, so I will definitely read the second volume at some point later on this year.  Although, a part of me thinks, I may have enjoyed this set much more when I was in my teenage years, I still enjoyed reading this set, and I hope to continue to enjoy the rest of the series.

If you’ve read The Belgariad or other works by David Eddings, I’d love to see what you thought of them!


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  1. Perhaps if you read a little closer, the God Aldur lived in the Vale, and taught Belgarath and his brothers (step brothers), Torak stole the Orb from Aldur but then I am just and old\Vietnam vet who learned how to read before entering the Army


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