Busy Reading Weeks Ahead

A good Sunday morning to all!  This previous week wasn’t nearly as busy of a week in my reading as is the norm for me.  I managed to finish two books this week, both my Ian Fleming, the second and third books of his 007 series, Live and Let Die and Moonraker.  This week, I also started my reading of David Eddings’s The Belgariad.  I’m almost through the first book of the series, Pawn of Prophecy and I’m not exactly sure what to think yet, but the story seems to be getting interesting rather quickly.

My upcoming weeks are going to be filled with all kinds of reading.  While I’m reading The Belgariad, I will begin reading Bernard Cornwell’s Sharpe’s Tiger.  I will be reading Sharpe’s Tiger with my brother and sister as part of our small informal reading group.  My sister really enjoys the tv series starring Sean Bean, and she thought it would be good for us to read the first book in that series.

Finally, I’ve decided to participate in another reading challenge.  As I mentioned the other day, I’m going to read Bleak House as part of a read-along that Wallace is hosting at Unputdownables.  I’ve had Bleak House on my bookshelf for quite some time now, so it will be good to get another book read that’s been sitting on my bookshelf collecting a bit of dust.  I had a hard time completing my last Charles Dickens book, David Copperfield, so we’ll see if I’ll be able to keep up and finish Bleak House on schedule.  I certainly would like to get away from my love-hate relationship with Charles Dickens, as there are many other works by Dickens that I wish to tackle in the future.

This upcoming week, I hope to complete my reading of Pawn of Prophecy, read a good portion of Sharpe’s Tiger, and maybe, just maybe, begin my reading of Bleak House.  With tomorrow being a holiday, I may be able to get quite a bit of reading done, but we’ll see how much stuff I need to do to get ready for baby’s arrival.  What’s on tap for your week of reading?  I hope everyone has a great week!


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Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!

11 Responses to “Busy Reading Weeks Ahead”

  1. I’m finished with all my required reading so I’m free to read whatever I want. A happy feeling.

    Here’s my Sunday Salon.

    • It seems, the only book that’s “required” for me to read at this time is Cornwell’s Sharpe’s Tiger. My sister has been subjected to the choices outside of her comfort zone, so it only seems fair that we read something outside of ours. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I keep getting review books….even though I’ve refused several along the way. Out of nowhere this week, I received an “unsolicited” book, and I feel resentment. Do I have to read this one?

    I guess I will, but in my own good time.

    I want to read what I want when I want to read it….but the obligations seem to crowd in. Like the books I read this week. Two were “pleasure” reads and two were for an eclectic challenge that took me way out of my comfort zone. While I enjoyed one of them, the
    other…not so much. But I’m glad I finished them both. Here’s MY SUNDAY SALON POST

    • Hi Laurel,

      When I see other book blogs and they review books, I always ask myself, “How do I get on a list to review books?” But then, I stop myself because then I feel I wouldn’t be able to control what I read and when. I would feel my reading and blog would become more of a job than a hobby. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by! I hope you have a great week!

  3. So you’re not involved in many challenges, eh? It sure doesn’t sound like it. 😉

    • 😉 Well, it doesn’t seem like it. We’ll see though, as we get closer to baby’s arrival, I may find everything to be more of a challenge to get accomplished! My wife is continuously telling me that I still don’t quite grasp how much my life is going to be rocked in June!

  4. Sounds like me the last few weeks! I managed to get four books done this past week and am hoping that I don’t end up like that again (it was too crazy), but it will happen again and I will kick myself.

    And yes, I have joined in the readalong for Bleak House; should be interesting.

    Here is my Sunday Salon for this week.

    • My main goal will be just to keep up with all the reading. Yesterday afternoon, I managed to complete the first book in The Belgariad so now I can put that down for a bit and see about getting started with Bleak House and Sharpe’s Tiger

      By the way, I tried posting a comment on your blog and I had a difficult time, even after putting in the words right.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  5. I like the name “unputdownables”. I’d love to have a hint of great books to read as a challenge. Way cool. Good job on getting books read even if it wasn’t as much as usual! I felt I had a slow week, too… too much writing on my blog, I think!!

    Here’s my Sunday: Colorimetry

    • This week just happened to be one of the slow weeks, but, with a baby on the way, and as we get closer to the due date, I feel like I’m going to have more slower weeks in reading than I have the past two months.

      A few books that I’ve read that have been challenging are Dante’s The Divine Comedy, Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, and of course, there’s always Marx’s Capital which I tackled last year.

      Thanks for dropping by Laura!


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