Now Reading Ian Fleming’s Moonraker

Late last night, before I went to bed, I completed my reading of Ian Fleming’s Live and Let Die.  I know I’m a bit behind on my thoughts on a couple of books, I now need to do two this week, but I’ll definitely get around to them in the next day or so!  🙂

Since I checked out a set of books at the library about a week and some change ago, I decided I would go ahead and continue on my temporary James Bond kick, and read the third book of Fleming’s 007 series, Moonraker.  This 007 book will be the last one I read for a period of time, as there are other books I’d like to tackle during these final weeks of winter (if you can call it that here in the DC area) and for the upcoming spring.

I checked out the hardcover version of Moonraker from the library, and here’s a quick synopsis from the jacket cover:

Hugo Drax, a millionaire and engineering genius, offers to build Britain’s very own nuclear intercontinental missile – the Moonraker.  When Her Majesty’s Secret Service uncovers a rumor that Mr. Drax cheats at Bridge, the question arises:  why would the richest man in England cheat his friends for pocket change?  The Service’s best card player James Bond is called to investigate, and finds himself drawn into a deadly scheme of nightmarish proportions.  From the smoke-filled gaming rooms of an exclusive London club to the deserted cliffs of Dover, follow Bond towards the unveiling of the Moonraker missile and its mystery.

I do own a copy of the movie by the same name, which I received as a gift from my brother.  It definitely isn’t my favorite Bond movie, but I’m hoping the book provides a strong contrast to the rather lackluster movie.  If you’ve read Moonraker, or any other Bond books by Ian Fleming, please let me know what you thought!


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