My Thoughts On Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

On Monday evening, I completed my reading of Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.  In Casino Royale, Fleming introduces James Bond, 007, to readers, the book that started it all!  Of course, there is a movie starring Daniel Craig with the same title that I’ve seen several times before I even contemplated picking up an Ian Fleming book.

Being as familiar as I am with the movie, in my reading, I was looking for any differences in the original story and the movie.  I found several areas where the book differed from the movie, but aside from that, there weren’t any major surprises in the book.

In Casino Royale, Bond is trying to “neutralize” Le Chiffre, a Russian agent who’s in some serious debt to his Soviet masters.  So throughout the book, Bond is trying to thwart Le Chiffre’s plans at being able to complete his task.  He is, of course, aided by Mathis, Felix Leiter, and Vesper Lynd.  What ensues is an exciting ride of defeating Le Chiffre.

One area that I found that was different from the movie was the locale of Casino Royale.  In the book, the casino is located in France as opposed to the movie it’s located in Montenegro, I believe.  Also, in the book, Bond made it perfectly clear how he felt about having to work with Vesper, he clearly didn’t think this mission was one where a female agent would be able to prove any use at all.  I also found the ending not nearly as exciting and there wasn’t too much of build up to it.  While I understood what would happen, I would’ve thought that Fleming would’ve done a better job of building up to the climax of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Fleming’s first book, and I will continue reading these as I go forward.  If you’ve read Casino Royale, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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