My Thoughts On James Bradley’s Flags of Our Fathers

Late last week, I completed my reading of James Bradley’s Flags of Our Fathers.  In Flags of Our Fathers, Bradley tells the story of each of the men who were responsible for the famous World War II picture of U.S. Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima.

For starters, I was very impressed with James Bradley’s writing style.  The book was definitely written as if I was being read a good story by my father when I was growing up.  Bradley spent some time going over each flag raisers past, where they grew up, etc.  He also detailed some of the training of each of the flag raisers and how they ended up meeting.  Finally, he discussed how each of those individuals’ fates.  All but three of the flag raisers returned home, unfortunately.

There were several things I didn’t know before I read this book that I was pleasantly surprised with.  To begin with, I didn’t realize the world-famous photo was of the second flag raising.  I had always thought there was only one flag raising on Iwo Jima.  Talk about a myth being disproved there.  The second item I learned was that James Bradley’s father wasn’t a Marine but a Navy corpsmen.  I had always thought each of the flag raisers were Marines.  Finally, I had no idea how much the photo, nor the individuals had on the final bond fund raiser for World War II.  I had no idea that Ira, Rene, and John were ordered back home to re-enact the flag raising to raise more money for the war effort.  I’m so glad I learned these facts while reading Flags of Our Fathers.

Overall, Flags of Our Fathers is probably one of the best World War II era books I’ve read.  It ranks right up there with Band of Brothers.  If you’re looking for a fantastic book about World War II, specifically the Pacific theater, I highly recommend Flags of Our Fathers.


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