Relaxation & January In Review

Wow, I never thought the first month of 2012 would fly by so quickly!  This month has been a productive and relaxing month both in my reading, work, and baby preparations.  This month I began seven books and completed six of them.  The books I’ve read and/or completed are:

I also came to the realization, after reading my first Agatha Christie mystery, Murder Is Easy, that I would like to go ahead and read all of her books in order of publication.  I’ve also been enjoying my reading of The Mists of Avalon, even though it has been reading quite slowly.
Also this month, I’ve begun doing some Bikram yoga, and I’ve found that it has relaxed me quite a bit, and I’ve found when I read later on in the day, I feel much more relaxed than I usually do when I read.  I’ve found it allows me get into the book more and input myself more into the story.  I’ve also noticed that I sleep more fully too, so that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  🙂
This upcoming month, I plan on completing my reading of The Mists of Avalon and begin a few other books while still preparing to get our house ready for our baby later on this summer.  Did you have a good month reading?  What are you currently reading?

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7 Responses to “Relaxation & January In Review”

  1. I’ve actually had a pretty decent month reading: four books thus far and in the middle of a fifth, which I might finish by Tuesday. I’m glad you’ll be joining me ( 🙂 ) in the Agatha Christie challenge to read all of her books in order. I need to get back to that; hopefully, in the coming month.

    • I’m really looking forward to reading more Agatha Christie. Not sure if I’ll get to anything this month or not, but I’m hoping I will get to her first book sometime in the next two to three weeks.

  2. Oh, your reading list looks fabulous! Of course, I’ve mentioned my love of Atlas Shrugged, back in the day, and how I need to reread it.

    Hot Six is an Evanovich book that I haven’t read. I’ll be checking out your reviews.

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    • Thanks, Laurel! It’s definitely a change from what I was reading last year at this time, Marx’s Capital! I’ve truly enjoyed this month’s books I’ve tackled, it’s been fun just reading whatever instead of the structured reading I had last year.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  3. I totally need to review my month. It all slips by so fast, I can’t remember when I did what… and that’s a big part of 2012 for me, remembering.

    I hope you continue to read more in the afternoons!! Sounds like it works!!

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    • Reading in the afternoons and/or evenings I seem to get more read. However, I can really read at anytime during the day, it’s more difficult in the mornings though! Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Yoga – that’s something that I need to do a whole lot more of and always eel fab after doing it but never quite figure out how I’m supposed to squeeze it in and make it a regular feature of my day. I should try harder to do it I think. My boss recently told me that as you age, flexibility is the only thing that really matters.

    In reading, I am onto Wild Swans by Jung Chang and Fathermucker by Greg Olear. Two vastly different books, one for bed time (WS) and one for bus time (FM).

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