My Thoughts On Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six

Yesterday evening, I completed my reading of Janet Evanovich’s sixth book in her Stephanie Plum series, Hot Six.  Hot Six picked right up where things left off in High Five, which was a quick couple of paragraphs, and then jumped forward a few months to current events at the time in the series.

In Hot Six, Stephanie and others are searching for Ranger who’s jumped bail on a concealed weapons charge, but then is implicated in a murder that took place since he was the last person to be seen conversing with a known drug/weapons dealer.

Throughout the course of Hot Six, Stephanie, of course, is trying to avoid being killed by scurrilous characters searching for Ranger, and trying to apprehend other bail jumpers, all-the-while, helping Ranger to determine all the particulars of this murder.

Stephanie, of course, seems as flaky as ever to me.  It’s no surprise to me whatsoever that she has no idea what she’s doing, and that she comes so close to being killed a few times in this book.  And it’s also clear to me, that she has no idea how to handle automobiles at all.  She only went through three of them during this book alone.  If I were connected with Stephanie Plum in any sort of fashion, she would be staying away from my vehicles, that’s for sure!

As with the previous five books of the series I read, the book was humorous, and read pretty quickly.  I’m also finding out that I like Stephanie’s grandmother, Grandma Mazur more and more.  Definitely a feisty lady to say the least.  I was also pretty satisfied with how the mystery was concluded, it certainly wasn’t the ending I had in mind until I reached that point in the book.

Hot Six was definitely a quick and fun read, and perhaps later on this year I’ll revisit this series again and pick up the seventh book from the library, Seven Up.  I’d definitely say that if you’re looking to read Hot Six, it’s worth picking up from the library, but for me, this series isn’t anything that I would buy to keep.  If you’ve read Hot Six, or any of the other Stephanie Plum novels, I’d definitely love to hear your thoughts!


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2 Responses to “My Thoughts On Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six”

  1. I started with number eleven in this series, then read number fifteen. When I discovered that One for the Money had been made into a movie, I read that one on my Kindle. I saw the movie yesterday and really enjoyed it. And I must add that with the later books, Stephanie hasn’t improved her skills much!

    In the movie, Grandma Mazur was played by Debbie Reynolds, a funny and great performance!


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