Now Reading Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six

After my pleasant experience reading my first Agatha Christie novel, Murder is Easy, I’ve decided to read another mystery.  I also picked this book up from the local library and that book is Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six, the sixth book in her Stephanie Plum series.

I decided, while I was at the library, that with the way High Five ended with a cliffhanger, and I was curious, thought I’d go ahead and see what happened in the next book.  I checked out the hard cover version of Hot Six, and here’s a quick summary from the jacket cover:

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos.

Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, is caught on video just minutes before the crime occurs.  he’s at the scene, he’s with the victim, and he’s the number-one suspect.  Ranger is former special forces turned soldier of fortune.  He has a blue-chip stock portfolio and no known address.  He moves in mysterious circles.  He’s Stephanie’s mentor – the man who taught her everything she knows about fugitive apprehension.  And he’s more than her friend.

Now he’s the hunted and Stephanie’s the hunter, and it’s time for her to test her skills against the master.  But if she does catch him…what then?  Can she bring herself to turn him in?

Plus there are other things keeping Stephanie awake at night.  Her maternal grandmother has set up housekeeping in Stephanie’s apartment, a homicidal maniac has selected Stephanie as his next victim, her love life is in the toilet, she’s adopted a dog with an eating disorder, and she can’t button the top snap on her Levi’s.

Experience the world of Plum – in Janet Evanovich’s new thriller.  It’s surreal, it’s frenetic, it’s incendiary.  Hot Six.  It’s the best yet.

I’m looking forward to discovering what happened at the conclusion of High Five, and this new adventure for Stephanie Plum.  If you’ve read Hot Six, or any other of the Janet Evanovich novels, I’d love to know what you think.


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Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!

2 Responses to “Now Reading Janet Evanovich’s Hot Six”

  1. I always enjoy following the antics of Stephanie Plum, Morelli. Not to mention Grandma. It is wonderful escapism. As I read I am always thankful that those disasters don’t occur to me!

    Another series of books is those by Sue Grafton, on what I call her alphabet series, which kicks off with A for Alibi.

    • Hi Julie,

      I just completed my reading of Hot Six (post coming soon), and I definitely loved Grandma Mazur in this book. I, too, am also very grateful that none of these disasters don’t happen to me! One thing’s for sure, if I were acquainted with Stephanie Plum, there is no way I’d let her near my vehicle! That lady goes through cars like toilet paper!

      I’ll definitely have to take a look at Grafton’s alphabet series to see what they’re like. Thanks for the suggestion and for stopping by!

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