My Thoughts On Back To Work

The other day, I completed my reading of President Clinton’s latest book Back to Work – Why We Need Smart Government For A Strong Economy.  In this book, President Clinton discusses his thoughts on how we got to where we currently stand economically, and his ideas for improving our sluggish economy going forward.

First things first, I found the President’s writing style to be very non-confrontational.  Considering his political ideology, he didn’t come out and blatantly slam conservatives and their ideas.  I felt he was very fair to both sides of the ideological spectrum, and that’s something I really respect and admire him for in this book.  I was very pleasantly surprised with how fair he was with his criticism.

He made a solid argument about how government can be a positive influence on the economy and getting it growing again.  I didn’t necessarily agree with all his viewpoints on how government is better equipped to deal with certain situations, but the way it was written made it seem like you were having a conversation with him, more than anything else.

Another thing that surprised me about the book was when the President compared America with other economically advanced countries and how we stand with them in areas such as education and economic opportunities.  I didn’t realize we had dropped that much in certain indicators compared to other nations.  The charts were very clear and uncomplicated to those who may not have a solid economic background.

The President did spend a good number of pages outlining many ideas to get America moving again into what he calls “the future business.”  A lot of these ideas came from President Obama’s jobs plan, and other economic policies, which didn’t overly surprise me, but I was kind of expecting was some original ideas from him, and not to further the status quo economic ideology of the current administration.

One thing I definitely agreed with President Clinton on is that everyone on the Hill needs to be able to work together more to promote economic growth here at home so we can all be successful.  That’s a very positive outlook, that, given an election year, may not be possible, but we can always hope.

Overall, a decent read, even though I didn’t agree with everything President Clinton said in his book.  There wasn’t too much new in here that hasn’t been proposed before, but some of the ideas may have some potential. I’m glad I took the time to read Back To Work.  If you’re interested in current events and our economic crisis, it’s a decent enough to check out from the library and read it.  If you’ve read Back To Work, I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!


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