Now Reading – Murder Is Easy

As I mentioned in my post, Now Reading – Back To Work, which I picked up at the library, I picked up another book while I was there.  I’d been toying with the idea of reading my first Agatha Christie novel for quite some time, and while I was at the library, I walked over to the mystery section to check out what Agatha Christie novels they had on the shelf.

Bearing in mind I know very little about Agatha Christie, or if she had written about a series about a particular character as I didn’t want to pick a third or fourth book of a series and be totally lost.  Fortunately, while I was perusing the selection, I came to discover that I didn’t really have anything to worry about.  While I was looking at the titles, I zeroed in on a particular book that I thought would look interesting, so my first Agatha Christie mystery novel is Murder Is Easy.  I was appealed by the summary on the back of the book, and it sold me, that summary is:

It was just Luke Fitzwilliam’s luck to be stuck next to a dotty old woman like Miss Fullerton on the London-bound train – although he found himself quite entertained with her tall tales about a series of perfect murders in the quaint village of Wychwood.  But when he reads the next day of the freak accident that killed her, too, Fitzwilliam’s amusement turns to grave concern.  A visit to the isolated village confirms his worst fears.  For Wychwood seems to be divided by an eccentric lot of locals:  those who are in on a dark and dangerous secret – and those who don’t live long enough to share it.

I’m looking forward to reading my first mystery by Agatha Christie.  I’ve read and heard so many great things about her over the last several years, and I’m so glad that I’m introducing myself to her work this year.  I’m looking forward to a fantastic and gripping story and hope I just really enjoy it.  If you’ve read any of Agatha Christie’s mysteries, I’d definitely love to hear what you think about them, and if you’ve read Murder Is Easy, I’d love to hear from you too.  Please, though, don’t clue me in on any of the plot!


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