My Thoughts On Illegal Alien

The other day I completed my reading of Robert J. Sawyer’s Illegal Alien.  I wasn’t sure what to expect reading a book from an author I had never read before.  Essentially, in Illegal Alien, first contact is made between Earth and an alien race called the Tosoks.  Everything seems to be going just fine with this first contact when one of the Tosoks, Hask, is charged with murdering a human.

At that point, that’s where the novel stopped being science-fiction and more of a John Grisham legal story.  While I definitely understand the courtroom portion was an integral part of the plot line here, it definitely didn’t feel like a science fiction novel.  Sawyer got very much into the ins and outs of the trial, something I really wasn’t expecting.  That’s something I do expect in a John Grisham novel though.

Illegal Alien did have some twists and turns toward the end that I wasn’t expecting, so that clearly caught me off guard, but overall, I thought it was only so-so as far as science fiction goes.  It wasn’t nearly as sci-fi as I was hoping, so in that respect, I felt I was quite disappointed with the book.  When I read a science-fiction novel, I expect it to be more heavy on science-fiction than legalese.

While I’m glad I took a break to read something quick like Illegal Alien, after my journey with Atlas Shrugged, I don’t think Robert Sawyer will be an author that I’ll read again in the near future.  If you’ve read Illegal Alien or any other science-fiction novels he’s written, I’d love to hear your opinion!


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