Now Reading – Illegal Alien

Last night I completed my reading of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.  I’ll be posting my thoughts on it later on in the week.  After reading such a deep work, I thought I would take a few days and read some “lighter fare.”  I’ve decided to read a book that’s been gathering dust on my bookshelf for quite some time and was a gift from my sister.  That book is Robert J. Sawyer’s Illegal Alien.  Here’s a quick summary of the book:

When a disabled spaceship enters the Earth’s atmosphere, fear is quickly replaced with awe.  Seven members of the incredibly advanced Tosok race are welcomed by the world with open arms, and the people of Earth put their best face forward.  Then a popular scientist is found murdered.  All evidence points to one of the Tosoks.  For the first time, an alien is tried before humans in a court of law.  And in the unprecedented trial, where two cultures clash, there may be far more at stake than accounting for one human life…

I haven’t read a science fiction novel in quite some time, so I’m hoping Illegal Alien won’t disappoint.  I’m also reading this book in order to clear my bookcase of unread books to begin making room for the new addition that’s due for me in June.  If you’ve read Illegal Alien, I would love to know your thoughts!


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Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!

6 Responses to “Now Reading – Illegal Alien”

  1. Sounds like a good book. I’ll check it out as well. One of my favorite books is ender’s game and I love sci fi, so thanks for the recommendation

    • No problem, Ben. I’ve had my eye on Ender’s Game at the library for quite some time. I might have to pick it up the next time I’m there! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Illegal Alien sounds fascinating so looking forward to hearing about that. Also looking forward to your thoughts on Atlas Shrugged. i disagree with Rand’s ideas on what helps productivity but she writes well and I loved the book.

    • Hi Joanna, I’ll be posting my thoughts on both Illegal Alien and Atlas Shrugged before the end of the weekend.

      I have come to discover that I agree with a lot of her philosophical viewpoints. Most people I’ve spoken with won’t even give Atlas Shrugged a chance because of their ideological leanings. Taking that out, it’s a great book, that I think everyone should read! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hmm, it doesn’t sound it will go well for the alien, but I may be jaded because I’m a lawyer.

    • Illegal Alien, especially the courtroom scenes, reminded me quite a bit of a John Grisham novel. I won’t spoil the ending, but I’ll have my broad thoughts posted soon! Thanks for dropping by!

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