My Thoughts On Four To Score

On July 28th, as part of an agreement with my sister, I completed my reading of Janet Evanovich’s Four To Score, the fourth book in her Stephanie Plum series.  I checked out the paperback version from the library, and here’s what the back of the book says:

Stephanie Plum, Trenton, New Jersey’s favorite pistol-packing, condom-carrying bounty hunter, is back – and on the trail of a revenge-seeking waitress who’s skipped bail.  With the help of 73-year-old Grandma Mazur, ex-hooker Lula, a transvestite musician named Sally Sweet, and the all-too-hospitable, all-too-sexy Joe Morelli, Stephanie might just catch her woman.  Then again, with more mishaps than there are exits on the Jersey Turnpike – including murders, firebombs, and Stephanie’s arch-rival bounty hunter chasing after the same fugitive – Stephanie better watch her back big-time if she wants to live to crack this case.

In Four To Score, Stephanie is chasing down Maxine Nowicki, someone who’s jumped her bail.  Out of the three previous books, I really do think this one was the funnier of them all to date.  I still think the main character of these novels should be Grandma Mazur, I was always catching myself laughing wherever she appeared in the story.  Lula is also quite entertaining.

Stephanie, of course, almost gets killed, as she has in the previous novels.  And during those times, she either has a dose of good luck, or someone is there to help her out.  In this book, we also learn more about her rival Joyce Barnhardt, whom she caught fooling around with her husband.  Those encounters are also entertaining.

Another interesting part of the book is you see the evolution of Stephanie’s relationship with Joe Morelli, and how they seem to be moving closer to wherever their relationship is ultimately taking them.  She has a couple of scares, physically, and feels like Joe’s family is crowding her.  Which makes Stephanie react in a way that I’ve come to expect having read these books.

Like the previous three installments, Four To Score read very quickly and managed to keep me entertained.  I know I’ve said it before, but if you enjoy quick entertaining reads, you probably couldn’t go wrong with this comedic mystery.


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