My Thoughts On Decision Points

Last night before turning in for the evening, I completed my reading of President Bush’s Decision Points.  As I mentioned in my first impressions post, I was very much impressed with the President’s candor with all the issues he discussed in his book.  However, I can say with complete honesty, this candor wasn’t exactly what I was expecting in this book.

I definitely won’t make any particular comments about the decisions/policies on this blog, and will keep those to myself, but needless to say, I didn’t agree with some of the decisions that he made while in office, but I was impressed with the background information he provided on various important decisions, and all the different viewpoints from his cabinet/staff that he discussed.  I was so impressed with his thoroughness on each of the issues, and how the President took the time to explain those issues in his own words.

One area I’m definitely impressed with President Bush is his decision to quit drinking and stick with it.  The President was very open about his problem with alcohol and how he wanted to quit to not only improve his life, but that of his family.  I know that was something very difficult for him to deal with that type of addiction, and applaud him for having the motivation/ability to stick with it.

From the financial crisis, to his handling of the response to 9/11, I was enamored with the display of confidence the President had in his ability to handle each decision, and how he was able to make his decisions based on his beliefs, and without any regard to the polls, he did what he felt was right, and I can definitely respect a person who sticks by his decisions no matter what the media/other people think.

As a result of reading this book I definitely have a better understanding of President Bush’s decision-making process, and the complexity of the issues that crossed his desk.  I’m glad I read Decision Points to gain that understanding.  I think whether you supported the President’s decisions/policies or not, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised with this book.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about our previous president.


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