My Thoughts On The Arabian Nights

Early yesterday afternoon, I completed my reading of The Arabian Nights.  I’ve gotta say, this book is probably one of the better books I’ve read in the last year.  I couldn’t believe how great most of the stories were in the book.  As I mentioned previously, all the stories just rolled right into one another as they all seemed to be related and/or linked to the previous story.

Most of the stories had some kind of moral challenge to them that needed to be resolved.  So each story was full of moral lessons to be learned by the reader, or in this case, the Sultan.  The stories were vivid and most of the time quite adventurous, and most of all, FUN.

On the fun aspect of The Arabian Nights, it definitely felt like I could be reading an escapist fictional novel, that’s how fun the book was.  The Arabian Nights is definitely a good summer time book to read at the beach, or while on the road to great vacation weeks/weekends.

If I had to pick a favorite story it would “The History of Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp.”  Such a mix of adventure, suspense and intrigue.  Plus, it definitely talks about not flaunting wealth, in my opinion, when you obtain it.

The Arabian Nights is definitely one of my more fun reads in quite some time, and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read and to have a good time reading various short stories.


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One Response to “My Thoughts On The Arabian Nights”

  1. I didn’t know “The History of Aladdin, or the Wonderful Lamp” was a part of The Arabian Nights! I love that story! 😀

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