First Impressions – The Arabian Nights

A week ago today, I began my journey with The Arabian Nights.  As I mentioned in my post, Short Story Sunday, I had just begun enjoying the short stories in this book.  A few days later, I’m just as impressed, if not, more so, than I was last weekend.  I’m still finding the stories to be quite fascinating.  I’m still also very impressed with the fact that the stories seem to roll into one another, as if they’re all related.

Many of the stories are chock full of moral dilemmas.  That’s something that I’m really quite impressed with.  Between spending money frivolously, stealing, cheating, etc.  I’ve definitely seen quite a bit of mercy on the part of caliphs and kings.  I can’t help but think, with that particular theme, if it has some relevance for Scheherazade, as she’s telling these stories in order to soften the sultan’s heart.

I definitely see, that with some of the stories, the humor, intrigue, etc, are definitely meant to change the sultan’s demeanor, and to get him to be more kind ruler.  Early on, these stories, I think, have been having an effect, as the sultan has spared his new wife’s life every evening.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the stories definitely have had a sense of mystique to them.  I also like the length of the stories as well, and they definitely read quickly, which is another endearing quality to me.  I’m definitely able to picture myself in the story and imagine a time of great intrigue, and awe, in this wonderful world the sultana is creating for her husband.

I certainly hope the stories continue to be this exhilarating, and that I continue to enjoy reading short stories.  If you’ve read The Arabian Nights, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on the book!


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