My Thoughts On Capital Volume II

Phew!  Finally is the first word that comes to mind as I begin writing this post.  I can’t believe that I finally completed the second volume of Karl Marx’s Capital.  From the get go, I must say, Capital Volume II must be one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read, and that’s including some of the difficult tomes I read in college.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this volume has been called the most difficult of the three.  Without having yet read the third volume, I’m more than likely at this point to agree with that assessment.

With that being said, there were peaks and valleys for me while reading Capital Volume II.  I definitely felt like I hit a wall in the middle of the second part.  I’m convinced it’s because of, not only the material covered, but the writing as well played an important role in slowing the pace down considerably.

As soon as I completed reading Chapter 15, things started to pick up for me.  I felt like I was making some progress and the text began to flow a bit easier for me, which, of course, allowed me to pick up the pace significantly.  On this past Sunday, I felt like I turned the corner when I managed to put away 100+ pages of the book, which put me on really good footing.

As I mentioned above, the material was very difficult to digest.  There were definitely times where I had to stop and re-read the material to see if I completely understood what was being said.  I won’t lie, there are simply portions of volume 2 that I simply do not understand.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever understand it.

However, there is one important thing that I learned.  That if I were to tackle Capital again, which, by the way, I probably will, I need to read more economic theory Marx is criticizing.  That includes Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations.  Reading it, and other political economy books, will definitely enhance my understanding of the concepts.

I’m definitely glad I tackled this volume and I’m looking forward to my trek through the third and final volume of Capital.  However, I am taking some time off from this heavy reading for a bit before I begin the final book of my Marx Reading Challenge.


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