Pushing Through Reading Obstacles

This evening I find myself through, what seems to be the longest chapter of my Marx Reading Challenge ever, Chapter 15:  Effect of Circulation Time on the Magnitude of the Capital Advanced.

I say this chapter felt like the longest, even though it was just short of being 40 pages long.  This particular chapter just seemed so slow as opposed to previous chapters of Capital, even though there were a couple of chapters in the first volume that were 100+ pages but read faster.  I’m not quite sure exactly what it was with this particular chapter of Capital Volume II that really seemed slow and difficult to get through.  Could part of it be the fact that I felt I had hit a wall right around the same time I began reading this chapter?  Perhaps…

Could another possible explanation be that my mind is getting tired of reading Marx?  That could also be very plausible.  Were there periods of time while reading this chapter that my mind wandered, wishing that I was reading something else, something like a fictional novel?  You betcha.  However, I am bound and determined to not only complete this second volume of Capital but get through the third volume as well.  However, I also see that the third volume is almost twice the size of the second, but I am not going to let that deter me by any stretch of the imagination.

Like I did when I completed volume 1, I will take a break from Marx before reading the final book of my Marx Reading Challenge.  But because of the obstacles I’ve faced getting through this chapter of volume 2, I will probably take a bit of a longer break between volumes than I did before tackling this volume.  That means giving my brain a bit of a vacation from Marx for a good chunk of the summer.  This break will also allow my mind to digest a lot more of what I’ve read, and prepare better for the rigors of what the third volume will entail.

The obstacle has been a tough one to get through, and as Ernest Mandel does state in the introduction, many people quit their journey through Capital with volume ii because of its inherent difficulty.  Well, I don’t plan on quitting, I plan on working my way through my obstacles with it and enjoy the emotional and psychological high that comes with completing such a difficult piece of literature.  I’m simply glad I made it through this obstacle with my sanity still in check, simply by being patient with the reading, and being persistent with getting through all the deep minutiae of theory.

How do you overcome your reading obstacles?  I’d love to hear some insight as to how you’ve overcome them with difficult pieces of literature.


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Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!

2 Responses to “Pushing Through Reading Obstacles”

  1. I spread the tough books out over a longer period (ex: Montaigne’s essays = 1 year), and commit to read a certain amount of pages every day. Taking small bites makes it easier to absorb. Then, I read something less heavy, on the side…

    • Probably not a bad idea! For whatever reason, I’ve always had this habit of reading one book at a time. Although, I’ve been tempted to break that habit while I’ve been tackling Capital.

      Fortunately, I only have one more really difficult read for the year. 🙂

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