Capital Volume II – Part I Completed & Look Ahead To Part II

I’ve managed to complete my reading of the first part of Karl Marx’s Capital Volume II.  I’m finding this volume of Marx’s work to be much more detailed, and much more in the weeds theoretically speaking.

Part I covered the Metamorphoses of Capital and their Circuit.  It was composed of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1:  The Circuit of Money Capital
  • Chapter 2:  The Circuit of Productive Capital
  • Chapter 3:  The Circuit of Commodity Capital
  • Chapter 4:  The Three Figures of the Circuit
  • Chapter 5:  Circulation Time
  • Chapter 6:  The Costs of Circulation.

I definitely learned quite a bit about the circulation of capital, and some portions of the argument were quite confusing to me.  But overall, based on these first six chapters, I can definitely see why people stop and quit at this point.  It’s very much deep in the weeds.

While I understood some of the concepts, I was caught scratching my head on more than one occasion.  I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, I’m just finding the work to be much more complex, so far, than the first volume.  That’s also not to mean that I’m not enjoying what I’m reading.  Part of the mystique, as far as I’m concerned, is the fact that it’s much more difficult than the first volume.

Part Two deals with the Turnover of capital and is composed of the following chapters:

  • Chapter 7:  Turnover Time and Number of Turnovers
  • Chapter 8:  Fixed Capital and Circulating Capital
  • Chapter 9:  The Overall Turnover of the Capital Advanced, Turnover Cycles
  • Chapter 10:  Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital.  The Physiocrats and Adam Smith
  • Chapter 11:  Theories of Fixed and Circulating Capital.  Ricardo
  • Chapter 12:  The Working Period
  • Chapter 13:  Production Time
  • Chapter 14:  Circulation Time
  • Chapter 15:  Effect of Circulation Time on the Magnitude of the Capital Advanced
  • Chapter 16:  The Turnover of Variable Capital
  • Chapter 17:  The Circulation of Surplus-Value

I’m definitely looking forward to a similar discussion as the previous part, and just as difficult.  Like I’ve said on numerous other posts, I’m definitely glad I’ve decided to tackle Karl Marx this year.  Karl Marx has definitely made this year a very interesting reading year so far!


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