Now Reading – Capital Volume II

I know I’ve been offline for almost a week now and that was due to family obligations and such.  During my time away, I managed to complete my reading of Superfreakonomics.  Later on in the week, I will post my thoughts on that particular work.  Over the course of the weekend, I resumed my “Marx Reading Challenge” and began my journey with Karl Marx’s Capital Volume IICapital Volume II is a book listed in my 2011 reading goalsCapital Volume II is the third book of four for my reading challenge for the year.

I own the Penguins Classics paperback version of Capital Volume II, and here’s what the back of the book says:

A vital cornerstone to Marx’s overall theory of economics, the second volume of Capital considers in depth the nature of commodity and the market-place in bourgeois society.  Exploring the manner in which capitalist society must lead inevitably to a ‘spiralling movement’ of unbalanced growth and social crisis, it argues forcefully that the mass production of goods distributed rapidly around the globe causes wealth to be placed increasingly in the hands of the few, at the expense of the basic human needs of the many.  As Marx also shows here, a thriving capitalist society necessarily tends towards overproduction, leading to vast economic convulsions.  This immensely powerful work argues that prosperity in a capitalist society inevitably holds within itself the seeds of its own destruction.

David Fernbach’s translation captures the clarity and brilliance of Marx’s original work.  The introduction, by Ernest Mandel, explores the position of the volume as part of the wider work, explains Marxist thought and considers its long-term influence.

I’m looking forward to as difficult, if not more difficult read, with Capital Volume II, as I did with Capital Volume I.  With Capital Volume II, I don’t have the benefit of reading a companion/commentary to help me with some of the more difficult concepts, so I’m pretty much on my own, and whatever outside references on the net I can find.

If you’ve read Capital Volume II, I’d love to hear from you!


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