Additional Impressions – Pride and Prejudice

This evening I stand about 60 pages from completing my journey with Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.  I seem to be blazing through the book at about my normal fiction pace.  Pride and Prejudice has definitely been the change of pace I’ve been looking for after spending 2 months reading Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I.

Since my previous post, I’ve come to learn more about each character, in particular Elizabeth.  I’ve seen her grow significantly as a character and lose a bit of her prejudices against Mr. Darcy.  The tone seems still a bit depressed, as I indicated previously, but I do, perhaps, see some rays of sunshine fighting their way through the cloudy scene.

I’m finding myself actually enjoying this book.  I think, later on down the road, I might need another reading of it to completely see a certain someone’s utter fascination with it, but that’s ok.  Am I enjoying it more than my reading of Emma back in 2009?  I haven’t quite made that determination yet.  Emma is a completely different story, with a more airy setting than Pride and Prejudice.  I do see some similarities between Emma and Elizabeth in being smart, decisive women, so I can see that common theme.  The humor is also a bit more subtle, and sometimes I have to re-read a passage to ensure I’ve gotten it.

All-in-all, I’m very pleasantly surprised thus far.  And I definitely enjoy the cultural/social aspects of the book.  As a student of history, I’ve been picking up on quiet a few societal/cultural norms, as I do when I read any other similar type of book, such as Emma, War and Peace, etc.  I’ll definitely have more to say upon completion!


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