Capital – The Week Ahead

As I begin the week, I find myself in Part 7 of 8 in Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I.  I finished Part 6 on wages over the course of the weekend.  Part 6 wasn’t very long, and the concepts introduced therein about wages, wasn’t all that difficult to understand.  I really took interest in Chapter 22, The National Difference In Wages.  I found it particularly interesting because it took a good look at how wages differ in various areas of the country, in this case, England.

In my mind, that chapter reminds me strongly of the cost of living of different areas.  It’s something that’s definitely taken into account in many different locations, even here at home.  In my mind, this concept can also apply to the global setting as well, as we’re all quite familiar with.

Looking ahead this week, I’m concentrating on Part 7, The Process of the Accumulation of Capital.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m feeling like I’m hitting my stride and the home stretch in this second book of my ‘Marx Reading Challenge.’  Here’s what I’m looking at learning about in this penultimate section:

  • Chapter 23:  Simple Reproduction
  • Chapter 24:  The Transformation of Surplus-Value into Capital
  • Chapter 25:  The General Law of Capitalist Accumulation

As I’m nearing the end of my journey with Capital, Volume I, I’m feeling pretty satisfied with choosing to read these books by Marx.  I’m also feeling really good with my understanding of the concepts, and I certainly hope that feeling continues as I tackle the second and third volumes of Marx’s work.  I’m also feeling a pretty good sense of accomplishment with having tackled it and am not regretting it a single second.

I’m looking forward to tackling this penultimate section of Capital, Volume I.  How do you feel as you near the end of reading difficult works?  Do you get a grant sense of accomplishment and/or satisfaction?  Let me know!


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