Capital Volume I Part IV & Looking Ahead To Part V

This evening, I managed to finally complete the fourth part of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I, entitled, “The Production of Relative Surplus-Value.”  As I mentioned in my post Capital Volume I Part III & Looking Ahead To Part IV, this part included the longest chapter in the book, Chapter 15.  Clocking in at 140+ pages, it took me a full week to get through all the information.  It reminded me a bit of Chapter 10 on the working day, because it was full of historical information.

Chapter 15 truly provided plentiful examples of how much the owners of capital in mid-to-late nineteenth century England exploited workers.  There were more examples of terrible conditions and how Parliament really didn’t do anything to control the situation, nor did the inspectors whom were responsible for the enforcement of the various Factory Acts.  Truly disturbing but fascinating information.

I feel I have made extraordinary progress over the course of the last few weeks in my reading of Marx.  I’m definitely feeling really good about the reading, especially knowing that I’m nearing the end of the first volume.  Here’s a quick look at what Part V, entitled, “The Production of Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value” has in store:

  • Chapter 16:  Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value
  • Chapter 17:  Changes of Magnitude in the Price of Labour-Power and in Surplus-Value
  • Chapter 18:  Different Formulae for the Rate of Surplus-Value

While I didn’t meet my modest weekend goals, I’m definitely glad I was able to make it through these pivotal chapters, even if a few days late.  🙂

As always, if you’ve read Capital, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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