Das Kapital The Musical? – You Betcha!

Earlier today, I was taking a look at Fox News’ website and came across this story Marx is Long Dead But China’s Leaders Love Marxism More Than Ever, it was talking about on the 128th anniversary of Karl Marx’s death, how much Marxism still influences the People’s Republic of China even more so than 25 years ago.  But that wasn’t the main paragraphs that caught my attention.

The item that caught my attention was how Karl Marx’s Das Kapital was now going to be a musical!  That’s right, in China we can learn about Marx’s theory of surplus-value, commodities, etc, in a theater setting!  After I got home this evening, I couldn’t help myself but to do a Google search on it to see if it was true.  Lo and behold, I was able to find various news articles about it, but I finally managed to discover that the “drama” has been playing at various times, not only in Shanghai, but Beijing as well.  The last performance in Shanghai was at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center from December 1st – 5th 2010.

Here’s a synopsis I found on the Shanghai Cultural Information website:

Is the capital an angel? Is the capital a devil? The capital can make us step high in the sky and also fall in to bottomless gulf. There is a image of capital in everyone’s heart, what is yours looking like? Just watch the Golden Triangle of 2010 Capital attacking strongly, bringing you into the capital world.

Sounds exhilarating doesn’t it?  Apparently, this play is a big hit.  I found this article, courtesy of the Xinhua news agency, entitled:  “Das Kapital Relaunched As A Musical Manifesto For Capital-Obsessed China.”  This article indicates that the definition of “capital” and its true value are the theme of the play.

I can definitely see how a production like this one would be popular in China.  However, while I find the book interesting, I’m not sure I could sit through a dramatic performance of Capital.  I would find it pretty dry with very little entertainment value.  However, the article from Xinhua does state that Broadway elements have been incorporated into the performance which could have a serious draw.

Essentially, I couldn’t believe there was a play on Marx’s Capital.  What do you think of the idea of having a dramatic play for Capital?  Is it something you’d pay to see?  Or do you think it would be dry and of little entertainment value?


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2 Responses to “Das Kapital The Musical? – You Betcha!”

  1. My philosophy is that there is no topic in the world that is too dry or lacking in entertainment value when in the skilled hands of a good creative mind who has a passion for the topic.

    Tossing It Out

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