For Further Reading – Capital Inspired Edition

As I’m making my way through Chapter 10 in Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I, I got to thinking about recommended reads after Capital.  These books would be books I’d take a look at upon completion of my reading goals for the year.  My reading of Capital has inspired me to tackle additional books in economics, but not necessarily classical economic theory such as Adam Smith.

In particular, I’m referring not only to books that deal with the economic crisis we’re slowly working our way out of, but other books as well.  Without further adieu, here are some books I’m taking a look at:

  • Steven D. Levitt:  Freakonomics and SuperFreakonoimcs
  • Henry Paulson:  On the Brink
  • Michael Lewis:  The Big Short
  • Roger Lowenstein:  The End of Wall Street
  • Malcolm Gladwell:  Outliers
  • Dambisa Moyo:  How the West Was Lost

That’s just a brief list of books that I’ve been taking a look at.  However, I discovered a website called The Book Seer and it generated the following list (those in bold I’m planning to read):

  • Karl Marx:  Capital, Volume II
  • Karl Marx:  Capital, Volume III
  • Karl Marx:  Grundrisse (already read)
  • Karl Marx:  Early Writings
  • John  Maynard Keynes:  The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money
  • Max Weber:  The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism and Other Writings
  • David Harvey:  A Companion to Marx’s Capital (reading in conjunction with Capital)
  • David Harvey:  The Limits to Capital

Have you read any of these books?  Could you recommend any additional books that I should take a look at?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!


About Jeremy

Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!


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