Feburary 2011 In Review

What another fantastic month of reading!  This month, I resumed my Marx Reading Challenge by beginning my reading of Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I.  I have managed to read close to 400 pages this month out of the book, along with close to 130 in my commentary book by David Harvey, A Companion To Marx’s Capital.

Here’s a selection of posts from this month about Capital:

Aside from my writing on Capital, I’ve also managed to write about many other reading related items.  I talked about social networking and books, the fascination with vampire books, and my more difficult reads to date.

This month also presented some challenges with my reading in Capital, I was in a bit of a rut for about a week or so, but am glad that I managed to break out of it, and broke out of it I did.  Yesterday alone I managed to complete 50+ pages, the most I’ve ever been able to read in Marx on any given day.

My post on social networking, based on the comments received, has reinvigorated my interest in my Goodreads site and incorporate it more into my twitter feeds and to simply just use it more.  So going forward into the months ahead I’m making a commitment to use it more and to organize my reading a bit better on it as I build a larger community.

My reading goals for this month are quite simple.  Just read more of Capital with the intent of hopefully finishing it by the close of the calendar month.  While at the same time getting more training in for my half-marathon at the beginning of April.

Were you able to accomplish your reading goals for February?  What are you looking to read in March?


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