In The Name Of The Father – Have You Read It?

Wow!  I’m finding there are many more books on my bookshelf that I still haven’t read.  I kinda found the one I’m showcasing tonight hiding behind a book I had already read.  Part of that is because of the fact that my bookshelf isn’t all that neat and tidy, or, at least, not as tidy as it should be.  I really should do a better job of keeping it neat and tidy.

Tonight, I’m talking about In The Name Of The Father by Gerry Conlon.  I, for the life of me, can’t remember when I purchased this book or why.  It might’ve had something to do with the fact that my AP English teacher in my senior year of high school was really big into Northern Irish independence and educated us on the different parties involved.  Here’s what the back of the book says:

Gerry Conlon was twenty when the cops picked him up.  He was a drifter, a drinker, a gambler, a petty thief-but that wasn’t why he was hauled in.  His crime was being an Irishman in England when I.R.A. bombs were going off.  That was enough for the police to wring a confession out of him, a jury to convict him of murder, and a judge to throw the book at him.  Before it was over, three innocent people-plus his own father-were sent to jail for life as well.

In one of the century’s most scandalous miscarriages of justice, Gerry Conlon spent fifteen years locked behind prison doors, unable to clear his name.  His father’s tragic death and the relentless energy of one English lawyer finally brought the truth to light, resulting in Conlon’s freedom.

Impassioned and deeply shocking, this true story is both a powerful indictment of British law and order and one man’s unforgettable journey from despair to triumph.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to this book, but I know I probably should since it’s been on my shelf for more than a decade now.  If you’ve read it, I’d love to hear from you!


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3 Responses to “In The Name Of The Father – Have You Read It?”

  1. I haven’t read the book but I have cetainly watched the film and enjoyed it very much. So much so I nearly did my GCSE oral English exam thingy on it. Though due to lack of research etc and being a lazy bastard I bottled it and did it on second hand cars! Total failure, I know.

    • I haven’t even seen the film. I sort of have this policy of wanting to read the books before seeing the movie. Although, I’m finding that to be rather difficult at times. In this particular case, I very well might see the movie beforehand.

  2. Ah I see, well here’s a good one. Papillon. It’s a great book and also a very good film which is very rare indeed. I read it many, many years ago and I now don’t own a copy…it’s about time I read it again.

    My mind is working well today…here’s another Homage to Catalonia, a vivid and exciting book about the Spanish Revolution and Civil War of the 1930’s. Ok, technically it’s not a film but Land and Freedom is kind of based on it I think. It will go well with you currently being interested in Marx and proletarian politics/theory. Another good film which comes at the period from a slightly different angle is Libertarias – might be harder to come by.

    Both films should be on the net, Google Videos/You Tube if you can’t get them off torrents.

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