Capital – All Cylinders A Go!

Now that I’ve managed to complete the introduction and all the prefaces/postfaces for Capital Volume I, I’m now ready to hit the ground running with my trek through Marx’s work.  As I mentioned in my previous post Capital – Supplemental Readings and Help, I indicated that I’ve gotten a separate book, A Companion to Marx’s Capital to help me understand Capital Volume I a bit more.

My approach for reading Capital is going to be similar to how it’s broken out in A Companion to Marx’s Capital.  I’ll read the chapters from Capital and then read those chapters out of A Companion to Marx’s Capital immediately afterwards so I get that better understanding that I’m seeking.  Of course, along the way, I’ll be writing about my questions and thoughts here, so stay tuned!

I also managed to read the introduction from Harvey’s A Companion to Marx’s Capital and watched the first video lecture on his website about the book.  I hope to continue to view those lectures as well while I read the book.

I’m pretty much convinced that Capital is going to be the most difficult work I’ll ever tackle.  I’m also convinced that it will take me the remainder of the winter along with the bulk of the Spring to complete my reading of this book, but we’ll see how I progress.  The other two volumes await my attention after this one.

The journey begins now and all cylinders are a go!  It’s going to be an exciting period of reading for me, and I’m looking forward to it!


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