My Thoughts On Grundrisse

This evening I completed the first book from my Marx reading challenge, Grundrisse.  I began this book the week of Christmas, and given the length, I’m pretty pleased with the time it took me to complete it.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts about the book, I found the book to be very rough.  It wasn’t polished at all, and there were times where Marx clearly didn’t stick to a certain argument or theme, he sure did jump around a lot.

With that being said, I completely understand that Grundrisse could be considered Marx’s research/notes for the final version of Capital.  While, I certainly don’t expect the material to be significantly easier than what I encountered here, but I definitely expect a more polished argument, and better organization.

Grundrisse is definitely not something to tackle if you’re looking for an easy read.  If that’s what you’re looking for, you definitely need to pass on this book and take on something else.  There were definitely areas of this book that I didn’t understand in the slightest bit, but I’m wondering if that has more to do with the fact that I’m not as familiar with the economists that Marx was arguing about, or I’m just not as well versed in economics as I should be to tackle this work.  Either way, I’m hoping that some of my questions and confusion will be addressed when I tackle Capital.

If you’re looking for great insights into a great mind like Marx’s was, this book is for you, and I would recommend it.  My rating, however is a B-.


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