Unread Books On My Bookshelf – For King & Country

This post is a second in a series of unread books on my bookshelf that I have either bought or been given as gifts.  My first post addressed David Eddings The Belgariad Volume I.  This post is about a book that was given to me as a gift called For King & Country by Robert Asprin and Linda Evans.  It’s a paperback book, and here’s the summary on the back of the book:

What SAS Captain Trevor Stirling doesn’t know may kill him-along with every man, woman, and child alive.  He must follow a terrorist into he year AD 500 to stop a Northern Irish fanatic.  If the terrorist succeeds in killing “Artorius”-King Arthur, the most revered icon of British history-before his greatest military victory, the time-space continuum will fracture, destroying the British nation.  And, coincidentally, the rest of the world.  One man, alone in time, struggling to save an entire universe from extinction, must choose between duty to his mission and the growing conviction that he should forsake everything he holds dear to follow a higher duty.

Knowing that I like to read, my sister, at certain times, particularly at my birthday or Christmas, has been known to give me books to read.  Not quite sure how she goes about finding them, but I’m pretty sure she picks up books for me that she believes that I’ll enjoy.  She’s done well in the past with picking up Terry Brooks for me and such.  Mindful, when I received the book, I had never heard of the authors before, and to this day, I’m pretty certain that I haven’t.

However, this book has still remained on my bookcase, until now.  Perhaps now that I’ve taken it from the shelf, dusted it off, so to speak, I will read it at some point this year.  I’m not quite sure why I never got to reading this book.  And since it was a gift from my sister, I should definitely read it.  Let’s see if I can get around to reading it before purchasing a whole bunch of new books.

If you’ve read this book, please let me know what you thought of it!


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