Weekend Reading & Week In Review

This weekend I’m very pleased that I’ve managed to get through almost the nearly 100 pages goal of Grundrisse that I was looking to get accomplished.  I’m feeling significantly more confident about how the book is reading and my overall comprehension of the text.  I’m also fairly excited about the prospects of tackling Capital.

This week, I’m also very pleased with the fact that I’ve managed to get through 250+ pages of Grundrisse.  It’s definitely the most that I’ve read for quite some time now.  I’m very pleased with the progress that I’ve made with my Marx reading challenge this week.  I’m still contemplating with the idea of breaking it up a bit by reading something in between Grundrisse and Capital.  I think I have about a week to make a decision.

With it being a long weekend, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m hoping to get that last half of the 100 pages tackled.  However, even I need a break from reading during a long weekend.  I’ve managed to take in some playoff football, and some great games.  Minus the Jets/Pats game, which I have DVRd and am getting ready to watch here shortly.  So I’m looking forward to watching that game this evening.

However, I’ve also managed to pick up a new toy to distract me from reading for my short breaks that I do take from reading.  I picked up a Rubik’s cube over the weekend to have some fun with, and challenge my brain, so when I get stumped with Marx, I have something to clear my mind for a bit.  So maybe I’ll be able to get close to solving a Rubik’s Cube.  I definitely couldn’t when I was a kid playing with my father’s.

Time for some football…..


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Husband, book lover, Civil War Buff. If I could read for a living I would, but unfortunately, it doesn't pay the bills!

One Response to “Weekend Reading & Week In Review”

  1. It always feels good when you can get through what you had planned to get through! Greatest feeling. :]
    Happy reading!

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