Grundrisse – The Home Stretch

This evening, as I near page 600 of Marx’s Grundrisse, I feel like I’m beginning to enter the home stretch.  I began Notebook VI, and I still feel like there isn’t too much organization to the book.  The run-on paragraphs and sentences is starting to make for harder reading, and even for hitting some good stopping points. Last night I managed to complete my reading of the fifth notebook, and began my reading of the sixth this evening.  Notebook VI fleshes out Marx’s thoughts on the theories of surplus value.

I also find that while my pace is picking up, I can’t help but think that has to do with the fact that I’m just ready to hit Capital hoping for a bit more organization and better writing.  While I’m finding the book interesting, it’s just such a difficult read due to the writing.

I am hopeful, however, that the writing will be much improved when I get to Capital.  Just have a few hundred pages left to go until i find out.


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