My Marx Reading Project – Still With It & Preferred Reading Times

Today, during my lunch break at work, I managed to complete reading Notebook IV of Grundrisse.  While I learned more about Marx’s thoughts/theories on capital, at the conclusion of this afternoon’s reading, I got to thinking about my preferred reading  times.

Before I discuss those thoughts, just a few quick words on Grundrisse.  Yes, for those interested, I’m still working on my ‘Marx’ challenge.  Notebook IV was definitely the longer of the Notebooks that I’ve read thus far in the book.  It was chalk full of good information about capital, particularly the accumulation of capital.  I found the theories to be quite interesting, and strangely enough, they made complete sense to me.

To my surprise, I also feel like I might be picking up the pace a bit.  I’m not sure if that has to do with the fact that I’m learning how to read Marx better, or if I’m simply just starting to get into a bit of a groove.  As I write this evening, I find myself at the beginning of Notebook V which covers the period of 22 January to the beginning of February 1858.  It runs from pages 483-554.  In this notebook, I will complete my reading on the Original Accumulation of Capital and begin reading about Theories of Surplus Value.

I truly taking some time out of my workday to do some reading during my lunch period.  It’s definitely a good thing to do to break up my day, by breaking my concentration.  Granted, you would think that reading Marx wouldn’t be much of a break, but simply just sitting down and reading is relaxing for me, it’s not behind a computer screen or anything like that.  I’m still getting a few questionable looks at work, but not nearly as many as I was when I first started this ‘challenge.’  I even have been trying to get my colleagues to join me, but so far, I don’t have any takers.  They say it’s too deep for them.  I can definitely understand.

Tonight, my goal is to try to get through 30 pages of Notebook V.  That would put me on pace to complete my reading of Notebook V sometime tomorrow evening.  I think this goal is modest, and I haven’t taken into account any difficulties with the reading that I may encounter.  But we’ll see.  It’s still truly enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to learning even more!

While I was learning more in Grundrisse, as I mentioned, I was thinking more about my preferred reading times.  I really do love reading in the evenings before bed.  It calms me down before I turn in for the evening.  But in particular, I find that I enjoy reading more during the colder months than I do than say during the summer.  Maybe it’s because I have more distractions during the summer months.  Or maybe, I simply like having a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate while I’m reading during the winter.

Which I find odd, since I’m very much a hockey fanatic.  In the past, I would subscribe to the NHL Hockey Package and would watch as much hockey as possible, so that left very little free time for reading.  With the purchase of a house last year, the home improvement projects and such, my wife and I have been limiting ourselves to just Capitals games.  That has given me more time for reading, and I feel that I’m much happier because of that.  Probably because I have fewer distractions.

What’s for certain though, I’m enjoying this winter more than last winter, and I’m pretty sure that has something to do with the fact that I have more time for reading.  I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing!


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