Now Reading – Grundrisse

I’ve decided to begin my 2011 reading
adventure by tackling some Karl Marx. I became interested more in
Marx’s writings after reading The Communist Manifesto and
Other Writings
during July 2010. This set of books will
be slightly different than what I’ve read before, and I’m looking
forward to learning more about Marxist thought. This book will be
one of four that I’ll be tackling this year, and I’m looking
forward to this in depth study. I’m reading the Penguin Classics
version, and here’s what the back of the book says:

Written during the winter of 1857-8, Grundrisse
was considered by Marx to be the first scientific elaboration of
communist theory. A collection of seven notebooks on capital and
money, it both develops the arguments outlined in the Communist
Manifesto (1848) and explores the themes and theses that were to
dominate his great later work Capital. Here, for the first time,
Marx set out his own version of Hegel’s dialectics and developed
his mature views on labour, surplus value and profit, offering many
fresh insights into alienation, automation and the dangers of
capitalist society. Yet while the theories in Grundrisse are a
vital precursor to Capital, it also provides invaluable
descriptions of Marx’s wider-ranging philosophy, making it a unique
insight into his beliefs and hopes for the foundation of a
communist society. This major translation conveys the clarity and
intensity of Marx’s original notebooks, while the foreward
considers the work in relation to Hegelian philosophy and
contemporary socio-political theory.


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