Now Reading David Copperfield

After finishing Plato’s Republic, I’ve decided to go back and read a bit more fiction.  I’m going to read an author that I haven’t read since I was in college, Charles Dickens.  The Dickens book I read in college was Great Expectations and I seem to recall enjoying it.  I have two books by Charles Dickens at home, David Copperfield and Bleak House.  I’ve decided to start with David Copperfield.  I’m reading the Barnes and Noble  classics version of the book, and here’s what the back of the books says:

Dickens’s favorite of all his novels, David Copperfield is the story of a boy who loses his parents at an early age, and who escapes the torture of working for his pitiless stepfather and try to make something of himself and, with any luck, find true happiness.  Written in the first person-Dickens called it an “interweaving of truth and fiction”-David Copperfield is perhaps this great author’s most autobiographical novel.  David Copperfield features and unforgettable gallery of characters, including David’s cruel stepfather, Mr. Murdstone, the treacherous Uriah Heep, the amiable Mr. Micawber, whom Dickens based on his father, and Dora Spenglow, whom David marries and calls his “child-wife.”  But it is the youthful curiosity, candor, and goodness of David himself that give the story its indelible charm.  Virginia Woolf called this “the most perfect of all the Dickens novels.”

Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting read!  I really do hope that I’ll enjoy reading one of Charles Dickens’s classic works!


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