Republic Book 1 First Thoughts

Today I completed the first book of Plato’s Republic.  Let me begin by saying that I am very impressed with the format of the book.  I was very much under the impression that the writing style would be stating a theory and then Plato proving that theory.

However, I was very surprised to find that it’s really just a discussion amongst philosophers about a variety of philosophical issues.

Most of the discussion in this first book centers on determining a working definition of justice and whether or not it’s a virtue.  One argument that I found particularly interesting is that justice really only benefits the stronger party.  In essence, it’s more beneficial to perform acts of injustice because those who are just are taken advantage of.

When I originally read that passage, I found myself agreeing with that sentiment.  It’s really got me interested in seeing how Socrates will go about proving that justice is a virtue and it benefits everyone.

Overall, I’m very pleased that this book will read like a dialog amongst philosophers.  I’m anxiously awaiting getting into the second book!

More to come…..


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