Now Reading Republic

Now that I’ve read a bit of fiction, I figured it was time to read something a bit more philosophical.  Plato’s Republic has been sitting on my shelf for sometime now, and I figured now is a good time to read it.

I’ve always been interested in reading Plato and simply have never got around to it.  Now seems like a good time for me to read something truly insightful and that gets me really thinking.  I’m reading the Barnes and Noble classics version, and here’s what the back cover says:

One of the greatest works of philosophy, political theory, and literature ever produced, Plato’s Republic has shaped western thought for thousands of years and remains as relevant today as when it was written during the fourth century B.C.

Republic begins by posing a central question:  “What is justice, and why should we be just, especially when the wicked often seem happier and more successful?”  For Plato, the answer lies with the ways people, groups, and institutions organize and behave.  A brilliant inquiry into the problems of constructing the perfect state and the roles education, the arts, family, and religion should play in our lives.  Republic employs picturesque settings, sharply outlined characters, and conversational dialogue to drive home the philosopher’s provocative arguments.

I’m looking forward to an insightful read from Republic and I really hope it really causes me to deeply analyze the questions it forms, especially in areas of justice and politics.  I hope I learn a lot from reading it!


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