My Thoughts On Catastrophe

I completed reading Dick Morris’s Catastrophe the other day.  This book is chalk full of information about how the President, members of Congress, and special interests could be bringing our country to the brink of catastrophe.  Dick and his wife have conducted a lot of research and it clearly shows.  They’ve really done their homework here.

The book is also full of numbers, charts, etc, that you can’t just gloss over, you really need to pay close attention to these details, or else you won’t get too much benefit from this book.

There were two things that really stood out to me in this book.  The first being the special interests section.  I learned so much more about how the special interests work from this book, especially about “stealth” lobbyists.  I didn’t realize there was a class of lobbyist that didn’t have to register, and you wouldn’t believe who some of these “stealth” lobbyists.

The book also reinforced some of the things that deal with Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Charlie Rangel.  This book really depicted how much these two individuals have taken advantage of the system to their benefit, and in not very good ways.

I also found the writing style to be such that you didn’t need to be an insider to understand the arguments, so really, anyone could pick this book up and read it.  I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to be exposed to the not so sunny side of events that are happening in our country.


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