Last Week in Review

Last week, I began the week around page 100 of Miguel de Cervantes Don Quixote.  During the course of the week, I have managed to get through to page 265, which is Chapter XXXIII of the first part.  So far I am finding the book to be very interesting, and definitely much more entertaining than I foresaw.

Don Quixote is clearly crazy, in my opinion, and Sancho just enables his behavior.  I can’t help but laugh at most of adventures of this errant knight.  Even the side stories I’m finding to be quite hilarious.  Right now, I’m enjoying the book so much, I can’t believe that I’ve waited this long to read it.  It definitely was a good choice to read following my experience with Don Quixote.

With the weather having been as nice as it was this past weekend, I managed to spend a good hour or so outside on the patio enjoying Don Quixote’s adventures.  It makes me wish I could have more days like I did this past Saturday.  It is my hope that Don Quixote continues to provide me the enjoyment it has during this current week.


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