Map of Purgatory/Topics of Discussion

According to Dante, Purgatory is a mountain created by the fall of Lucifer from heaven when he betrayed God.  Purgatory also sits on the direct opposite side of hell.  For those that have read The Inferno, know that in Canto XXXIV, Virgil and Dante exited Inferno to the other side of the planet by using Lucifer’s legs.

Purgatory is composed of nine distinct areas, and are covered in certain cantos.  Seven of those areas are terraces, and those terraces represent the seven deadly sins.  These areas of Purgatory will serve as the basis of my discussion throughout reading The Purgatorio.  Those sections are:

  • Cantos I-IX:  Ante-purgatory
  • Cantos X-XII:  Pride
  • Cantos XIII-XIV:  Envy
  • Cantos XV-XVI:  Wrath
  • Cantos XVII-XVIII:  Sloth
  • Cantos XIX-XXI:  Avarice and Prodigality
  • Cantos XXII-XXIV:  Gluttony
  • Cantos XXV-XXVII:  Lust
  • Cantos XXVIII-XXXIII:  Terrestrial Paradise

At the conclusion of my journey through Purgatory, I will discuss my overall impressions/review of the work.


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